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18th January 2009

9:48pm: sick
Ugh, I don't feel so hot. There's been talk of a flu epidemic and pretty much everyone I know has already been sick so I guess this was inevitable.
It's not too bad today, just achy and a general feeling of crappiness, but I suspect it might be worse tomorrow.

I think I'll have to call in sick to work but I promised a friend I'd help him with a part in his film. Oh no, now I won't be able to do the role of "Hot Asian Chick #2"  justice, there goes my break-through performance. I'm already dreading leaving the house tomorrow.

Tonight though, tonight I'm doing fuck all except drink lots of tea with honey in and watch the Obama concert thing/possibly download more Supernatural because that show has been sucking me in. I don't know what the hell, I watched the first 6 episodes years ago and dismissed it as crap. Now I'm contemplating if it's still blasphemous if you're lusting after a fictional angel and covering my eyes during the scary parts.
I'm staying the hell away from the fangirls though, those bitches be crazy.

Re: Inaugural celebration concert thing:
There's an annoying lag between the Dutch broadcast and CNN though they both claim to be live, and not just a couple of seconds but there are actually different speakers on both channels so it's got to be minutes. I think I'll stick with CNN though, their coverage is horribly American compared to the European broadcasts but I just can't resist the charms of Anderson Cooper. He's talking to tiny children now, ohmygodsoadorable.

"A bunch of really angry people-of-colour", lol CNN, really?

5th October 2006

1:51pm: Last night I dreamt about KGB agents feeding ducks and television camera crews.

When I woke up my uterus suicide-bombed my body and forced me into a pathetic foetus-positioned mewling wreck.
I briefly thought I was going to pass out in the shower and then took a painkiller. I feel hunky-dory now if a bit shaky from the trauma.
Fertility is so unfair.
Current Mood: weary

16th July 2005

6:00pm: booze
We're such bad rolemodels for morningglow88, we ended up fairly drunk at a sleazy club last night. So sleazy, in fact, that celebrity-wannabe Emile Ratelband was hanging around there, oh the shame. ... On the way home Jason produced a bottle of Martini from his backpack, I'm so glad I was able to resist it, it sent everybody else pretty much over the edge. ... Pieter embarassed himself by unintentionally giving me an unspeakably bad pick-up line and Jason proclaimed that he really liked me and wouldn't stop touching me. He's supposed to be my gay buddy goddamnit, I won't stand for this! ... I was too drunk for intelligent retorts so I just tried to convince him of his faggotry, though that argument was slightly undermined by the fact that he has a girlfriend nowadays. Oh, well. ... ... This morning I realized that I do, in fact, drink a lot. No worries though, I'm very conscientious about my substance-abuse. Speaking of which, if I had money I would totally go get a chunk of hash right now, my stoner days may be behind me but there's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of nostalgia. And sometimes it just hits me how I can walk one block to the nearest shop (almost, but not quite, past the legal hookers) and get a couple of grams for eleven bucks, land of the free, baby. ... ... This piece of dialogue from the latest issue of Fables made me happy: ... ... Beast: Do you know Kay? ... Mowgli: Yes, we met in the old days. I see you've gouged out your eyes again. ... Kay: We all have our little idiosyncrasies. ... ... Hee.
Current Mood: alright

16th June 2005

7:24pm: Death
Awww, a baby-bird fell from its nest onto our balcony and was all feeble and dying. :( ... It fell like four or five meters so it wouldn't have survived anyway but we couldn't get to the nest and I felt all helpless when I kept poking it to see if it was still alive. Eventually he stopped moving and when I turned him around I saw that his tiny little neck was probably broken in the fall. R.I.P. birdie ... ... So I swallowed my pride yesterday and applied for a crappy job at the local supermarket, yay... ... I also returned my application for another marginally less crappy job and picked up a form for a cd-store clerk job. The guy that gave me the form was cute so that one is at the top of my list right now. ... ... There's a painted portrait of my face in the aforementioned supermarket, weird huh? Some girls took my and Djoek's pictures a while back for some kind of artsy project and now I'm hanging over register number 6. ... It's not a very flattering portrait so I expect shame every time I go grocery-shopping and now I really don't want to work there.

27th April 2005

2:18pm: bits
Last night I made birds. ... ... EMO LYRICS GO HERECollapse ) ... ... I finally got registered at the emploment agency, the same girl that sent me away for vague reasons last time was all nice to me and the fruity desk-guy who was a total bitch last time even offered me coffee. I am so confused, did I look like a homeless person last time? Did I smell? ... ... Watched Audition during the making of the birds, my first reaction was "What the hell did I just watch?" and my second "What the fuck is wrong with you, Japan?", then I threw it off my computer. ... ... Watched 24 and this is all I have to say: ... ... HELL YES, CHLOE!Collapse ) ... ... I also found a most delightfully Freudian deleted scene from the pilot of House in which Wilson grabs House's cane to stop him from leaving. Apparently there's a whole unaired pilot out there but there's just two extra scenes, some exposition and the cane-grabbing. They should totally have left that in. ... ... The DJ gave me an MP3 CD again, I like his completely random gifts. Being the DJ's pet means I'll always hear at least a couple of great songs when I go out and he always provides me with music that's on my "I Should Listen To" list, like the Kaiser Chiefs, who are quite nice. Also, the new NIN and Garbage albums and some Billy Idol and Fischerspooner, plus some bands I've never heard of, this should be fun.

3rd June 2004

1:14am: nuns
I went to a Chumbawamba gig tonight, mostly because it was at a local venue and I really like the song Tubthumping. ... Best €10 I spent this year. They had a great show, with little dance routines, different outfits and everything. Also, they complimented me with my new oldskool SNES shirt: ... ... Chumbawamba boy: At least someone is oldskool tonight ... Chumbawamba girl: I love that shirt! ... Random audience member: me too! ... ... And one of the Chumbawamba girls in a nun outfit poured scotch down my throat, that's something you don't see everyday. In conclusion: AWESOME.

12th January 2004

8:37am: rise
Monday Morning + Sleep Deprivation = Stay the fuck away from me or I will punch you in the neck.
Current Mood: Monday morning

30th November 2003

3:12pm: Damn you, grey bra!
I have that 'tired but in a good way boring sunday afternoon' feeling, mmm.
Had a uni party on saturday, got a little drunk and had fun. Slept at Zu's place in Utrecht, was supposed to go to class the next day but ditched it in favour of hanging around with Zu, eating spaghetti and smoking a crappy-ass pre-rolled joint.

When we got on the train back to Arnhem suddenly there was an exorbitant amount of giggling teenage girls everywhere, and the trains were packed with them. Turned out none other than Justin Timberlake was doing a concert in my home town, scary. Zu and I had to take a train later but amused ourselves by pretending to be Justin fans.

Zu: My bag is full of stuffed animals to throw at Justin.
Myra: Really? I brought panties.
Zu: Why didn't I think of that?
Myra: Also, I attached a marriage proposal to each of them.

We are lame, the end.
We did see a white limousine in town when we got there, might have been him, the chance that anyone rides around in a white limousine in this town is less than zero.
OMG!!1 I, like, indirectly saw Justin Timberlake!1!!!

After that exciting experience I was too tired to go out on fridaynight (it might also have been the partying til 5 on thursday). I worked on saturday and went to forms had a good time for a while, but Timbo felt ill and Zu was bored, so we left early. I think there were a few pictures made of me, I'll see if I can find them on the site.

Lalala, my lack of comments is depressing, but I'm so used to being a lurker I hardly ever comment myself, must change that.
Oh, almost forgot about my bra disaster. I have this grey bra with pink straps that I love, it gives me boobs and the straps match my haircolour exactly. But sometime while I was gone an interdimensional portal opened up in my room and sucked it out. At least, that's the only explanation I can think of because I looked EVERYWHERE.
I handle this kind of frustration pretty badly, I ran around the house yelling and cursing the damn thing, first i just really wanted to wear it to forms, then it became a matter of principle. Alas, I couldn't find the fucking thing so I wore a different one, went out and bought a pack of smokes. I don't know if that says something about the gravity of the situation or just about my addictive personality, hm.

That was my weekend, Justin Timberlake, an evil bra and a moderate amount of beer.

25th November 2003

8:37pm: Whee! (stream of consciousness and .jpg's)
Yay, I have new hair and clothes which means...Gratuitous Photo Post!1!Collapse )

In other news, my cold is over. No more mucus, yaay! And I've stopped smoking, cold turkey, so far (2 days) no problems. Ofcourse this isn't such a big deal since I've only smoked for a couple months, I started because I felt like smoking but now I feel like stopping, stupid addictive nicotine.
So, no more smoking for me (except for the occasional joint), also, no more talking about smoking, I'm feeling withdrawal-y feelings.

The Kill Bill poster I bought off eBay arrived today, w00t! It's shiny and great, but I did have to take down an old tattered X-files poster to make room for it :(. I also ordered a Preacher (the comic) poster a while ago, I have no idea where that should go but I'll worry about that later.

I want to watch Dead End, mmmmmmm Lindsey. Hee, I'm still excited about Lindsey's return to Angel, I absently wished he would come back when season 5 started, but I never expected it to actually happen, whoo Lindsey!

I think I'm done now. Yep.

21st November 2003

10:45am: I overslept, must've forgotten to set the alarm, weird, this never happens to me. And I wasn't even drunk last night. Oh well, missed developmental psych but I'll head up to uni in a few hours.

Bwuh, I have a cold and my head is full of mucus. This sucks.

On the brighter side, I saw Kill Bill again last night and it was still very good.

Oohh, and Angel 5x08 DestinyCollapse )
Current Mood: mucous

17th November 2003

7:15pm: Last weekend rocked, had a biology test on friday night (of all times) and celebrated the satisfactory outcome with beer, tequila and dancing.
Slept all day on saturday and went to see Kill Bill at night, which wasn't supposed to be in theaters in my crappy country until the 20th, but for some reason there was a one-time show on saturday. Anyway, I don't give a shit why they showed it early, I saw Kill Bill! And it rocked the casbah! I was already a lifetime-member of the Tarantino worship-club after Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, but this just might be his masterpiece. I'm not saying anymore because I'm too lazy to use a cut-tag and don't want to spoil anyone, but I loved loved loved it.

I spent most of sunday building a flash site for a friend, and it's starting to look pretty damn good, I'll proudly post the link when it's done.

And now it's time for random photo's found on my computer, yay!

Pictures! Randomness!Collapse )
Current Mood: content

6th November 2003

12:36am: On a whim, I went to see The Matrix Revolutions and boy was I surprised! :)

Here be spoilers!Collapse )
Current Mood: excited

4th November 2003

7:26pm: Piercings and Sleep-deprivation
Last weekend I finally found the time to go get the birthday-present I got from several friends, a tongue piercing.
It didn't hurt too much, I had the distinct feeling someone was putting a sharp needle through my tongue, but I guess that was to be expected. Turns out the aftermath isn't nearly as bad as you hear all the time, no massive swelling, I could even eat and talk normally. I got it done on saturday and saturdaynight my tongue was a little swollen, but not too bad since I could still talk normally.

I will now post gory pictures of the whole process, rejoice!

Gore, yay!Collapse )

I also went to a great drum 'n bass thing in Utrecht and made dreads for Sander, weekend good.

*sticks out tongue*

26th October 2003

2:17pm: The drum 'n bass partay was cool, even though I was tired and a leetle stoned. Danced 'til my feet hurt, but it's a good hurt. Tired now.
Current Mood: blah

25th October 2003

4:32pm: I had this whole plan for today where I was gonna sit and watch DVD's, but apparently even that was too much effort, so I slept most of the day away. Hm.

The tiredness comes from going out the last two nights and spending yesterday in Amsterdam, walking around and buying stuff. I got an amazing shirt that will make my life complete (at least for a few more minutes), it's pink with a very random Bollywood film print. I also bought a longsleeve with a Space Invaders print and a very cool shirt with velcro strips on it and the entire alphabet (plus symbols en double letters)in tiny velcro squares so you can make your own texts on it, yay! AND I found a great Reservoir Dogs zippo lighter I just had to buy, which means I'll have to continue my slight smoking habit, but at least I'll do it in style now :).

Tonight I'm going to a local drum 'n bass thing, I've never been there before, so I'm curious if it'll be any good.
Current Mood: complacent

21st October 2003

Hello imaginary audience! *imaginary applause*

Well, Blur was great, Song 2 rocked and so did We've Got a File on You. I'm a little disappointed they didn't play Crazy Beat or Jets though. Damon Albarn is adorable.
Yesterday I rented the movie 28 Days Later because I heard they had some beautiful shots of a deserted post-apocalyptic London and also zombies. Plus it's directed by Danny Boyd who also made the brilliant Trainspotting. I was a little surprised when the movie actually kicked a lot of ass. The scene where Jim wanders around previously mentioned deserted post-apocalyptic London is amazing and the infected zombie people are thoroughly creepy (especially the projectile vomiting of infected blood).
All in all a pretty good horror flick, and it doesn't hurt that the main character is very pretty :).

I love my tuesdays (no school), this one will be spent cruising second hand shops for cool stuff and watching X-men 2 with some friends, yay.
Current Mood: blank

19th October 2003

12:08pm: Oh happy day!
So, it appears that I'm awake. This is good since I was nearly comatose all day yesterday AND I'm going to see Blur tonight in Amsterdam! Yay!
I've never seen them live (but I have seen the Gorillaz live, so I guess that counts for Damon) and I adore the new album Think Tank so this should be fun fun fun!

Now I'm gonna read SomethingAwful.com's The Weekend Web and laugh my ass off.
Current Mood: chipper

18th October 2003

12:27pm: So, I finally watched Angel 5x03 (the Netherlands have great drug policies, but they're not so good with the tv-shows) and I think the best part was next week's promo. klikCollapse )
Current Mood: sleepy

17th October 2003

6:10pm: Yay
Thanks to the lovely circe_tigana I have a livejournal now!

Seeing as taking care of a goldfish is too much responsibility for me, I'm curious how this'll turn out. I've been lurking around livejournal (especially in the buffy fandom) for a really long time, I never liked leaving anonymous comments, so I've been pretty much invisible. But now I'm going on a mission to add all the cool people whose journals I've been reading as friends.

I don't feel like writing a bio, but maybe I'll look for one of those questionnaire thingies and post that later.

Bye imagined audience and the one person I know IRL who's reading this!
Current Mood: curious
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